Happy Anniversary!

You have no idea what your legacy will be…. “Your legacy is every life that you’ve touched”.

There are so many powerful quotes in this speech from Oprah. If you haven’t watched the above video yet, I urge you to. I’ve watched it many times and every time, I come away feeling more inspired than before.

In hearing the above quote from Maya Angelou in a conversation she had with Oprah, I couldn’t help but think of you. The Brit Army.

One year ago, I decided to start this blog. I had been thinking of doing so for years but always hesitated. Afraid of whether anyone would want to read it, or if they did read it, what they would think. I never once expected to be here, one year on. I’m surprised I haven’t missed a single week. Every Friday for the past year, I have posted a blog post on topics ranging from pro wrestling to mindfulness.

As Oprah says in the above video, it has “felt like breathing, which is what your true passion should feel like. It should be so natural to you.” And over time, writing this blog has always felt like a pleasure, never a chore. This may sound silly to you but, writing has always been a comfort to me, from writing in my journal as a young girl to writing documents in the workplace. It’s where I am able to truly express myself and be me. It’s where I get to clear my head and begin to understand myself better.

In the past year, I’ve shared with you some very personal stories. I’ve let you into the wild world of my mind, shared knowledge and spread some inspiration. I’ve tried to generate awareness into the painful realities of illnesses and disorders including Alzheimers disease, depression and abuse.

I’m blown away by the support from other talented women and am blessed that the likes of Erin, Ashlee and Jenn have joined the Brit Army. I’m honored to be surrounded by amazing women in my life and grateful these ladies feel empowered to share their stories too. They’ve been inspirations and a constant support to me in ways they probably don’t realise. I look forward to reading more from them in the coming year.

The Brit Army Facebook group has grown in numbers and is a place where people can support each other, share motivation and have a good laugh. I would love your feedback on what more you’d love to see in this space too! Or, is there a better place to connect other than Facebook? Let me know! 😊

Honestly, thinking over the past year, I am blown away by what we have all achieved in such a short space of time! This year has flown by so quickly. I’ve achieved so much personally and, I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the year to come!

I simply want to say thank you for your part in all of this. Without you, I would have stopped writing. Having your support and knowing that what I write has been useful to a lot of you helps to keep me motivated to keep this up. Please, if you’ve thought of writing to me, don’t hesitate. I love to hear from you! You can get in touch using the links on the “Contact” page above, comment on here, or message on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Finally, if there’s anything you’d love to see more of, please let me know. If there’s something I’ve written or a topic I’ve not written about at all but you would like my thoughts on, please let me know! 😊

Happy Anniversary Brit Army! One year down, many more to come!



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