Who We Are

Determined, happy and inspired women...

The Brit Army is a group of determined, happy and unique individuals who share a passion for writing and helping others.

From different walks of life, we have each been on our own journeys through life and through our love of writing, hope to inspire, empower and help others to live their lives to the fullest.

Meet the contributors:

Sarah, aka Britenay, founder of the Brit Army. She has been a professional wrestler for over 10 years in New Zealand. Outside the wrestling ring, she has worked in various fields including retail, insurance, contact centre, learning and development and is currently studying to become a life coach. Through her work inside and outside the ring, she shares the same goals: to inspire others to be more empowered to live full and happy lives, to achieve their dreams. Her life itself has not always been easy, taking the road less travelled in following her own dreams, she has been on a true journey of self-discovery. Learn more about her experiences by reading her posts here. 

Erin …. aka Taterbug.


Jenn ….