The truth we won’t admit to ourselves

There is no greater battle in life than the battle between the part of you that wants to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable and content remaining broken – Iyanla VanZant @Super Soul Sunday

I saw this quote pop up the other day following a recent Super Soul Sunday interview with Iyanla Van Zant. It shot out and hit me hard as I read the words and was reminded yet again that the reason I don’t have time for anything I want to accomplish is no one else’s fault but my own.

So, what do you do when you’ve only so much time in a day? A complaint you hear people say a lot when talking about goals or things they’d ‘like to do’ is that they “don’t have time”.

The truth however, is that we all have the same hours in each day. What we choose to do with our time is absolutely no one else’s responsibility. Yes, it is OUR choice what we do with our time. It’s simply easier to blame other people, or ‘the man’ for getting in our way of achieving our dreams.

Time aside, what really hinders us is the fact that we know what we must do to change and to get more out of those 24 hours in our days. We are most often too happy and content with cruising or sitting comfortably where we are than forcing ourselves to face reality. To change our own mindsets about what we do is not an easy ask. We are, after all, asking ourselves to change everything we know and believe in order to push ourselves to the next level.

Think about those goals you’ve set yourself at the start of the year, aka New Year’s Resolutions. What have you done to achieve them? If nothing, why not? Is it that it’s really that challenging or difficult? Do you REALLY not have the time? Or is it more that your mindset about waking up at 4am to get in those workouts you wanted to do is just too much of a mindset change for you to handle right now?

OK, that last one is directed at myself. And it’s a question I’m confronting myself with because the reality is, I could absolutely do it. There’s no reason I couldn’t. I’m simply too comfortable waking up at a reasonable hour (5am). And pushing myself to go that bit harder is a battle I’m not strong enough to take on right now.

I recently also came across this article:

In this article, the writer breaks down the time in a week we have spare. So, the confronting question is, as a result of reading this, “what am I really wasting those hours doing?”

After reading that article and asking myself that question. The obvious answer was… nothing. I don’t know about you guys but after a hard day’s work, I find myself opting to chill with TV or games on my phone for a while. Next thing you know, 4 hours has passed you by and whilst you managed to switch off for those 4 hours and give your mind a break, what did you really achieve?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yup. I achieved nothing. It didn’t really help rid the stress from the day either. Those thoughts are still swarming around in the brain. And It’s not going to help me wake up early the next morning because the time flew by & it’s now late… (late for me is 9:30pm/10pm… got to get that beauty sleep).

So, if I HAVE got all this time but I’m wasting it watching TV/playing games, when will I ever confront myself and achieve those goals that I said were important to me?

When I finally take on that mental battle and am truly honest with myself. That’s when.

So, starting right now, I am going to challenge myself to read more. Study more. Write more. And put the phone down more. I’m going to prioritise my own goals and remind myself regularly that I CHOSE these goals. I WANT this. I don’t HAVE to do any of it. I got this.

And you can to! Whatever your goals might be, you absolutely have it in you to achieve them. Unfortunately, to overcome the hurdles blocking you from achieving your goals, you will need to be honest with yourself about what you need to do to achieve them. It’s not an easy ask because you are your own worst enemy.

There truly is no greater battle than that between the part of you that wants to move forward and the part of you that is comfortable and content with remaining where you are.

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