Beginner’s guide to negativity

There sure is a lot of negativity online. Often in the form of people voicing their opinions. Some people (trolls) just like to stir trouble. And some, it seems, just like to complain because they love the drama.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people posting about their frustrations at the amount of negativity online and it brought me to question what’s really the cause of it. Is there really that many people out there that are that angry with the world? Do these people actively seek out to harm and ruin other people’s lives? Or is it simply that people attract this negativity themselves?

As I delved further into this thought and with some discussions, I’m leaning more toward the fact that people attract certain behaviours based on what they put out to the world.

It’s often been said that what you put out, you attract back in. It’s very similar to the laws of karma, do good – receive good. Do bad & you’ll get yours. Have you ever noticed that it seems to be the same people in your life that attract negativity? They’re the ones where something always seems to be going wrong for them or there’s always something they’re complaining about.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed this of someone else, but you have noticed that bad stuff always seems to happen to you. You’re surrounded by negative people no matter what you do. Your jobs are always stressful and no matter what you do, you’re not happy at work. If this is you, it might be time to consider what it is you are putting out to the world as well.

I’m no prophet and certainly am no professional on these matters, this is a beginner’s guide after all. But based on my experiences in life and studies I’ve done into human behavior, I think it’s fairly safe to say that there’s some truth to the theory that what you put out into the world, you receive.

So why are people so negative? Why do we always have a chip on our shoulder? Is it because we feel our personal values or beliefs are always being attacked, therefore we are always on the defence, assuming the worst of others? Or, is it because of money. We want more, or feel we need more and so we’re always looking down on others who have what we want because it’s “unfair” rather than looking how to achieve more ourselves? Or, perhaps, it’s due to some personal grudges held on to from our history. Things from our past we simply can’t let go of that make us always on the brink of rage? There’s so many potential causes of people being angry. 

What I have noticed in life is that some people, for whatever reason, simply love to complain. They love the drama of it. They feel justified when they’ve had a good rant. Some people simply get satisfaction out of complaining, no matter how big or small the complaint.

Regardless of the reasons for the negativity. Be it simply the thrill of complaining & spreading more negativity, or being able to voice disagreement with someone. The question still remains, why spread it online, or in life? When you’re complaining about someone, more often than not, that person doesn’t care. They’ll still do what they intend to do. Some, if they’re as stubborn as myself, will likely want to continue their behavior moreso just to annoy you because you complained about it, (hello trolls). The fact is, while you’re getting worked up and complaining, they’re out dancing and laughing.

So, if you really do attract what you put out, wouldn’t it make more sense to spread love and kindness than to continue the spread of hate, negativity and complaints? What if you chose the nicer option and spread more positivity to the world. Would you receive more back in return? Maybe… Maybe not but it sure is worth a shot, don’t you think? Perhaps, if we all gave it a go, we might see an impact in the world.

It’s something I’m willing to give a shot. If spreading an ounce of positivity can improve someone’s day, or reduce an element of the amount of negativity in the world, then I am more than willing to give it a go!

Who’s with me?

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