Where do I even begin this week!? Seriously, I’m sitting here absolutely ecstatic and excited for what I think/hope the future will hold and at the same time, I’m on the verge of tears. I just want to cry. But not in a bad way. I’m super happy right now. This week, I said some, ‘not-goodbyes’ but some, ‘see you later (hasta luego)’ to some amazing colleagues. I’ll see them around and will still be
                     Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash Not sure what I’ve done right lately, but it feels like my boogie men are starting to disappear. I used to be so afraid of so many people… Somehow they look less scary, from this new perspective. I saw something online the other day that read: “People aren’t ignoring you they’re busy living their lives and the best way for you to get over
Trouble With Going To Work
Everything is a trade off…. even when it’s an obvious choice. I quit that shit job, so life is good. Every day is just a little lighter and I am excited to wake up. YES… EXCITED. But still there is a trade off… in exchange for freedom from a job that was killing me, I took on work that pays me in peanuts, so, I had to take on job #2. Instead of a 9-5,
For the past week, posts have popped up everywhere around Mental Health. Here in New Zealand, it’s mental health awareness week. This is supported largely by the Mental Health Foundation here in New Zealand. They’ve a load of resources and information on their website to help those who want to know more about how they can improve their own or help someone else who is struggling with mental health.Con Out of all of the posts
Photo from the Wilde Family album “What a treacherous thing, to believe that a person is more than a person” -John Green, Paper Towns I had reserved part of my brain for believing in fairy tales… I believed that marriage was suddenly going to take this girl with a lifetime of self esteem issues and make her confident and effortlessly happy. Truth is – a ring didn’t make me a better person Truth is –
What would you tell a younger version of yourself? Any time I’ve been asked this question, I’m always stumped. What would I actually say to little me? What would I tell her? What would be my magic words of wisdom that would help her? Would she even listen? Would she believe me if I told her who I am now? The person I’ve become is so very different from the little version of me. Recently,
Personal Office
I had a job. It was an ok job, As far as jobs go. I made decent money. It was near my house. No one hit me, yelled at me or spat at me. What more could I ask for?! I could ask for just one more thing. A life which I didn’t dread 90% of. Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash I could ask for anything but this place, This job, this lifestyle, Because it
That’s it! I QUIT! Alright, alright. I’m not quitting. Calm down. At least, not yet… Although, there was a time a few years ago where I nearly did quit… I gave serious consideration to quitting professional wrestling forever. And I know now I would have regretted it. At the time however, I felt I had no other option. I had a tendency to avoid conflict and to run away from difficult situations. And at the
On your wedding day, it is very easy to see the world through those lovey dovey rose tinted glasses. You’re going to be in love forever, you’re going to be blissfully happy and nothing and no one is going to rock the boat and take away the solid footing that you have built your relationship on….. WRONG! Well… maybe. You may be in a unicorn marriage where there has never been any disagreement etc. But
Homemade Wedding Decorations
Photo from the Wilde Family Album I couldn’t have been more excited to be getting married to Ben… he and I knew that being together was the only future for either of us… but my mum’s health and the upcoming surgery was never far from our minds. My stepdad was the only dad I’d known, his death hit hard- and now it felt like mum was about to leave us too. We knew that we