On your wedding day, it is very easy to see the world through those lovey dovey rose tinted glasses. You’re going to be in love forever, you’re going to be blissfully happy and nothing and no one is going to rock the boat and take away the solid footing that you have built your relationship on….. WRONG! Well… maybe. You may be in a unicorn marriage where there has never been any disagreement etc. But
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Photo from the Wilde Family Album I couldn’t have been more excited to be getting married to Ben… he and I knew that being together was the only future for either of us… but my mum’s health and the upcoming surgery was never far from our minds. My stepdad was the only dad I’d known, his death hit hard- and now it felt like mum was about to leave us too. We knew that we
There has been an obvious theme about my week this week – CHANGE. You know, they say change is the only constant. There’s no denying that this is absolutely true. Especially in my world this week. Change has been non-stop. I’ve had good news, bad news, average news, upsetting news. So much to take in, in such a small space of time. One of the perks of being in a team in the HR (Human
Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash We’ve kind of known each other for a few years, and you’ve vaguely followed my photos, and now that you see I’m married you’re a little confused- I don’t blame you, and I wish I had a more epic story for you, but it looks a little bit like this… ‘That other guy” as my previous boyfriend is affectionately known, and I had been wandering the earth together for a
It’s amazing what you begin to notice when you become more mindful and aware. Last week, I wrote about my journey of weight loss and mentioned my current plan to kick the kilos goodbye through intermittent fasting. Not eating is something that’s a challenge for me. Particularly being an avid breakfast eater, so adjusting to the 16/8 (fast 16hours, eat for 8hours) was always going to be a struggle. I started a good few weeks
It’s time to unzip those trousers and let it all out! I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. There’s been times when I’ve looked at my best, and times when I’ve looked my worst. And with cameras at practically every wrestling event, I have to get over it and get on with it all the time. It’s rough. I get into the ring and try to forget all about it. I try not to
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We’ve all heard time and again how adults (especially ones in their thirties) need to stop travelling, settle down and get married. Ben and I weren’t sure that we bought into those ideas- I mean, getting married was definitely for us… but settling down might never be. SoOo we’re going to try marriage with less of the ‘settling down’ part… Meet the Wildes My name is Jennifer Rose (or Jenn/ Jenny or Jenna depending on
So, I’ve been reading this book lately titled, “On Death Row” by Mike James. It’s an unusual book to pick up, I’ll admit that. I grabbed it while at a local market in my hometown, Hamilton one morning. There was an awesome selection from this person’s own collection and I thought, why not?! It will be interesting to read from the perspectives of people actually on death row. And thus, I started reading. It starts
You have no idea what your legacy will be…. “Your legacy is every life that you’ve touched”. There are so many powerful quotes in this speech from Oprah. If you haven’t watched the above video yet, I urge you to. I’ve watched it many times and every time, I come away feeling more inspired than before. In hearing the above quote from Maya Angelou in a conversation she had with Oprah, I couldn’t help but
I first met Jenn when I became her Team Leader a while back and my first impression was, “how the hell am I going to be a leader to this wild, independent, strong and determined chick!? She’s so damn cool! As I got to know her more and learned about her life, her travels and her passions, I found myself fascinated and inspired. Unlike myself, she’s a free spirit. Willing and able to pick up