Breaking the rules

Sometimes it’s important to break the rules.

Rules… we all have them, we’ve all broken them, we’ve all been annoyed by them. As a parent, rules can be a lifesaver or a nightmare, but we have them. It’s our job to set the rules and enforce them.

Anyone getting any flashbacks to the line “Because I said so!” No?? Just me??

Yesterday our little man came down with a cold, it hit hard and fast and has been an entirely new experience for him as he has lost his voice for the first time.

Side note: it is pretty adorable and heart breaking in equal measure to hear a toddler with barely a voice saying “can you please give me my voice back”

Last night after dinner and bedtime prep I left Hubby and Toddler at home to do the bedtime routine while I went to the gym. Just as Hubby was doing a little celebratory dance, he woke up! (ok… probably not dance but any parent out there will appreciate the little happy dance in your head after getting a sick toddler to sleep) This time, only Mumma would do! Funny how these little humans pick who will be the person they want in any given moment and usually it’s the one who is currently otherwise engaged. Thankfully I was heading home anyway and after an hour of trying anything and everything to get him back to sleep and him adamant he was not going to lay down because it hurt and he couldn’t breathe properly I decided it was time to break all the rules.

At 9.30 at night we got up out of bed and went and watched TV together snuggled up on the couch. But you know what, although many people would say that is the worst rule to break, getting your toddler up to watch TV rather than staying in bed (I’m sure most of these people are either not parents yet and still believe they will stick to every rule they set in any and all situations, or have not had an unwell kid who just needs some rule breaking and comfort) it was the best idea ever!

The pressure to try get to sleep was off, he happily snuggled in as we watched something he wouldn’t be overly interested in but we were happy to watch, Dancing with the Stars…. Yes, I feel old, staying at home watching Dancing with the Stars and enjoying every minute of it!

It wasn’t long at all and he was fast asleep ready to be carried through to his bed for the rest of the night…. Even if that did mean he was up a further four times in the night

As kids grow, it is completely normal for them to progress through developmental stages that see them test the limits and see just how much they can stretch the rules or break them entirely.
Some rules are important not to break, and in our house are non-negotiable. These are more around the health and safety aspect like wearing a helmet when riding on something with wheels (like a bike) but some rules can even be beneficial to allow your kids to break every once in a while.

The world is not black and white, there are many shades of grey (I hear your mind automatically going to 50 Shades of Grey!) By allowing your kids to see these shades of grey they can learn more about the world around them and adapt in different situations.

Anyway, that’s just my little thought of the day.
Sometimes it is important to break all the rules, and it can be good for them to do so!

Until next time friends,
Erin xx

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