This is a real #mumlife post… When you’re a working Mumma, there is one thing that pops up on your phone that is sure to fill your heart with dread… your child’s school/preschool/daycare/kindy (wherever they are when they are not with you) calling you! That is never good.

Now if you’re a seasoned Mumma like me who has a daredevil child, this starts becoming a semi regular gig so when Tatum’s preschool number popped up on my phone, yes my heart skipped a beat and became filled with dread, but it ain’t this Mumma’s first rodeo!

I answered the phone by essentially saying “what has he done” and sure enough they were asking me to come and pick him up right away. Tatum had stood on a bee while outside playing (because it’s impossible to keep footwear on this kid sometimes) and proceeded to sit down and pull the stinger out himself. Of course this meant that any remaining venom in the sack was then also squeezed into his foot.

It wasn’t that he was upset at all, in fact the teachers were amazed that he, without a word, sat down and removed it from his foot and by the time the teacher reached him, the stinger was already out. He regularly will trip while running somewhere (because walking is impossible) and just get up, dust his hands off and keep running. Never mind the massive graze down his leg or arms!

The reason for the call was this was his first bee sting and his foot was swelling up rather quickly.

Thankfully this early pick up didn’t require a trip to the emergency room as a dose of antihistamine brought it under control pretty quickly (unlike other times… think broken nose and almost having surgery, we were in the hospital having been nil by mouth for the required time and they at the last minute decided not to operate!)


Our Preschool is amazing, I don’t fault them at all in the care they provide our son. It’s just that our son is a daredevil and as I have said many times before and I’m sure will continue to say, I’m sure he has aspirations to join Nitro Circus! God help me!

Who else has a live life to the fullest 100 miles an hour kid? Take a deep breath, have a coffee, it’s going to be ok Mumma!

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