When It’s Time to Let Go

                     Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash Not sure what I’ve done right lately, but it feels like my boogie men are starting to disappear. I used to be so afraid of so many people… Somehow they look less scary, from this new perspective. I saw something online the other day that read: “People aren’t ignoring you they’re busy living their lives and the best way for you to get over ...

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What Marriage Didn’t Do For Me

"What a treacherous thing, to believe that a person is more than a person" -John Green, Paper Towns I had reserved part of my brain for believing in fairy tales... I believed that marriage was suddenly going to take this girl with a lifetime of self esteem issues and make her confident and effortlessly happy. Truth is - a ring didn't make me a better person Truth is - I still have my own issues Truth ...

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Personal Office

I Quit My Job to Live My Life

I had a job. It was an ok job, As far as jobs go. I made decent money. It was near my house. No one hit me, yelled at me or spat at me. What more could I ask for?! I could ask for just one more thing. A life which I didn’t dread 90% of. I could ask for anything but this place, This job, this lifestyle, Because it was killing me. You’ll think I mean figuratively, But I mean that ...

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Homemade Wedding Decorations

That Time We Planned a Wedding in a Month

I couldn't have been more excited to be getting married to Ben... he and I knew that being together was the only future for either of us... but my mum's health and the upcoming surgery was never far from our minds. My stepdad was the only dad I'd known, his death hit hard- and now it felt like mum was about to leave us too. We knew that we wanted to get married ...

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But Wasn’t She Dating That Other Guy?

We’ve kind of known each other for a few years, and you’ve vaguely followed my photos, and now that you see I’m married you’re a little confused- I don’t blame you, and I wish I had a more epic story for you, but it looks a little bit like this… ‘That other guy” as my previous boyfriend is affectionately known, and I had been wandering the earth together for a few years, but ...

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New Zealand Couple

Meet The Wildes

We’ve all heard time and again how adults (especially ones in their thirties) need to stop travelling, settle down and get married. Ben and I weren't sure that we bought into those ideas- I mean, getting married was definitely for us… but settling down might never be. SoOo we're going to try marriage with less of the ‘settling down’ part... Meet the Wildes My name is Jennifer Rose (or Jenn/ Jenny or ...

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