I did it!

I did it! 😀

I had my first boxing fight!! I know. I know. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is, “did you win?!” So, for those looking for a quick answer, I’ll tell you straight up. After 3 grueling 2-minute rounds of non-stop punching, guarding and moving. The judges made their call. I had lost. “Unanimous decision” they declared in favor of my opponent, Natasha Wheeler. An up and comer who has been training years for this.

I met her after the fight. I didn’t want to know anything about her beforehand. She was simply my opponent and I needed to focus on my training and rely on that to get me through. Having met her briefly afterwards, I wish her the best of luck with her future in the boxing world. From our brief encounter, I can tell that she has the determination to continue and go far.

When I first put my hand up to give this a go, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. I’ll be honest with you, I knew very little about boxing. Each week, I showed up to training and would be introduced to something new. It was tough. Coming from being a grappler and used to throwing elbows, I had to retrain years of habits of being in a ring.

I was nervous as heck last night. Not about the crowd. Not for who was there. Not nervous about getting in the ring. I wasn’t afraid to touch gloves and go hard. I was nervous because this was still unfamiliar territory. I didn’t know what she would be like to fight. What her style was. It was nervousness of the unfamiliar. The walking to the ring etc. that was all very familiar. That didn’t faze me at all.

My proudest moment from last night was not giving up. I didn’t give up even though I wanted to a few times. Not because of her punches. Not out of exhaustion. Her punches barely hurt. I wasn’t exhausted. For some reason though, my legs decided to fail. After the first round, they felt heavy. Suddenly standing became difficult. This, I am putting down to the nerves. I’m fine today. 100% ok. Well, my face is a bit tender and a bruised nose and teeny cut lip but that’s nothing. I’m really proud of myself that I didn’t stop. I didn’t give up.

I must write a HUGE thank you to Craig Thomson for training me and putting this all together. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime! Your trainings have been tough but fun! I encourage anyone in Auckland keen to give boxing a go to hit up Ubox boxing. For details, click here.

Another HUGE thank you to Caleb Just, Kingi, who has been my trainer and biggest support since day one. He not only trained me to be the wrestler I am today, he has also been the biggest support and trainer in my lead up to fight night. Thank you! If you’re in Auckland and looking for a personal trainer that can help you reach your goals, hit up Caleb at Just Train! He’s awesome! For details, click here.

Having both gentlemen in my corner was the biggest help in keeping my momentum and movement throughout the fight. I managed to drown out the crowd for the most part and tuned in to what they were yelling as best as possible. If they yelled “JAB!” I made sure to jab. If they yelled “push forward” I would push as far forward as I could. Their yelling also helped drown the voices in my head which would start telling me to give up. Never give up.

Also, I must thank all the other trainees at Craig’s gym. Every single person there has been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout my training. Thank you all. You’re an amazing bunch of people!

Lastly, I must thank all my friends and family for the support and encouragement. My colleagues for putting up with my attitude while being on a restricted diet. Thank you to my supporters who came along and had my back. I could hear you cheering and it meant the world! Most of all thank you to my incredibly supportive boyfriend who, on the mornings I felt my weakest and nearly gave up, he encouraged me to show up and keep at it. Thank you Liam. You’re amazing and I don’t know I would have done it without you! xx

So, the other question you’re probably wondering, “will I be back for round 2?” That, I don’t know. I have had an amazing time and lots of fun in training and preparing for this fight. I enjoyed the experience and am proud of myself for giving it a go. Right now, I’m thinking no. That this is it. I’m happy with what I accomplished however, I wouldn’t hold me to that. I might surprise you, and myself, yet and be back for more.

Thank you for the support, Britarmy! <3

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