I have a secret…shhh!

Husbands… Listen up!

Ladies… send this link to your hubby!

Your wife right there, she does want your help. Believe me. She definitely does!
She just doesn’t want to have to ask for that help, or she doesn’t know how to ask for that help.

It’s not even specific tasks she wants your help with. That doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t stop you from washing the dishes, doing the washing, mowing the lawns, taking the kids for a trip to the park to give her half an hour to herself where no one is demanding something from her… so if you’re reading this, keep doing these things and she will appreciate it (unless you’re doing it wrong… kidding… kind of)

Now before I lose you, we understand how hard you work and how much you love us.

I promise we do.

We know you work tirelessly and we know you would do anything for us and our family. This isn’t a post about you not helping out.

I repeat, this is not a post about you not helping out!

Above all your wife just wants you to be in her corner, she wants you to see things the way she sees them. All the moving chaotic parts of life that make up her day, the constant juggling, the constant over-working of the brain, the worry, the anticipating things before they happen, the constant need to “be on”.

She wants you to see these things, anticipate something and step in to help that something seem a little less overwhelming.

That’s a golden ticket right there husbands, take it, run with it, use it. Make her day a little less overwhelming.

I know what you’re going to say… “why can’t she just ask?”
I get it, you think we are playing mind games, I promise you we are not.

There’s something special that happens when you see a need and fill it for her before she needs to or before she asks…. Romance! Romance isn’t just buying roses on Valentine’s Day, or doing what needs to be done because she asked you to. It’s seeing her and the uniqueness that is a Mumma’s mind, always on and always anticipating. It’s tiring!

Take the time to actually see her in the middle of the chaos that is life, see what her mind is going through and see how she never stops.

See.. her, just simply see her for who she is and what she does. She will thank you for it.

So husbands… it’s Valentines Day! Surprise her by taking care of that one thing. That one thing that you anticipate before she does. Your thoughtfulness is worth more to her than any gift or any roses you could buy.

Until next time friends,
Erin xx

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