I’m just going through my change curve

There has been an obvious theme about my week this week – CHANGE.

You know, they say change is the only constant. There’s no denying that this is absolutely true. Especially in my world this week. Change has been non-stop. I’ve had good news, bad news, average news, upsetting news. So much to take in, in such a small space of time.

One of the perks of being in a team in the HR (Human Resources) world is that they know and understand what’s known as the ‘change curve’. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, please allow me to explain. You see, when we experience change we go through a bit of a ‘change journey’. We each experience it differently, at different rates and to different extents. It all depends on what the change is, how it impacts us and of course, it depends on our own experiences, opinions, beliefs and values.

Regardless of whether we choose the change that occurs, such as moving house or changing phone plans. Or whether the change happens to us, such as fired from a job or death of a loved one, we still experience the change curve to some extent. The perks of knowing about the change curve is that you can recognise when you’re on it, where you’re at and it’s a useful tool to help you try cope through. It’s also helpful to know where your teammates, friends or family might be along the change curve. If you notice certain behaviours or attitudes, it may be they’re still at the early stages of their change curve.

The great thing about my team knowing all about the change curve is that it’s made it easier for me to explain to them what’s going on with me this week. I was told the sucky news that my secondment would be coming to an end. This was something that was unavoidable and is part of the nature of a secondment. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve had the luxury of being a part of an amazing team. But, it’s time to face reality. And, as my team were informed of the change, they naturally reached out to check I was ok.

For a wee while, I wasn’t sure how to respond. I wanted to say I was good but, I didn’t want to lie. I also didn’t want to say I was doing bad because I knew things will get better, I just don’t feel super positive right now. That’s when I remembered the change curve, in all its glory. And for the first time, I used it to express how I was. “I’m just going through my change curve right now”. Being a team that knows and understands the change curve, they smiled and nodded. They knew exactly what I meant.

I also found that I could, in a way, use this at home too. When I told my partner the news, I expected his response would be to think of the positives and that things will all work out. So, as I explained to him what the changes would mean and what it meant for me, I also explained to him that I know things will likely get better but for right now, I just want to wallow in self-pity. I don’t want to think of the positives. I don’t want to think – end of story. I just need a night to let out my feelings, eat rubbish food, express my feelings and let it out. Being clear about what I needed, he was graciously accommodating. He let me have my evening off. And for a lot of that night, I just sat there. Stunned.

But this is my change journey. This is how I’m moving through the change curve. I’m at ‘acceptance’ right now. I accept the change is happening. It is what it is. I’m neither happy nor sad. Don’t expect me to be any time soon either. But do know, I WILL be ok. I just need time to go through my change curve. It may take a wee while as there’s been a lot of change this week and I’m currently sitting here eating Skittles, not thinking much further beyond this day, other than, I have my first golf lesson tomorrow & I hope it doesn’t rain. THAT would be the icing on the cake this week hahaa.

Thank you Brit Army x

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