Look how far you’ve come, child

What would you tell a younger version of yourself?

Any time I’ve been asked this question, I’m always stumped. What would I actually say to little me? What would I tell her? What would be my magic words of wisdom that would help her? Would she even listen? Would she believe me if I told her who I am now? The person I’ve become is so very different from the little version of me.

Recently, I downloaded a mindfulness/meditation audiobook. It wasn’t what I was expecting when I first downloaded it. In fact, the first two times I listened to it, it was so incredibly calming and peaceful that I fell asleep within 5 minutes. I also had a really good sleep. Safe to say, I was happy with the money I’d spent on this audiobook. Why I mention this is because this audiobook leads you into talking to your inner child. The speaker guides you to see and speak with your younger self.

As she guided me to picture little me, I began to actually see my younger self standing beside me. I was amazed, little Sarah and I were standing, holding hands and looking into the mirror. And then the speaker asks you what you would say to this young you. And this is when I began to tear up.

“Well, little Sarah, you’d be damn proud of who you’ve become.” I began to say. I stood there in admiration looking at little me and big me, hand in hand. An immense feeling of pride flooded in me. “You are a strong, beautiful, kind and determined woman now. You stick up for what is right. You have achieved everything you set out to achieve. You’re living the life you wanted with amazing people all around. You are blessed.”

Would I tell little Sarah to do anything differently? No. Absolutely not. I certainly wish I could actually go back and give her a big hug though! She’s so damn cute. How crazy would that be? To actually speak to our younger selves. In a way, I do wonder if young Sarah knew she’d be where she is. Some of the things I’ve achieved, I swear I dreamt of them long ago.

We each have an inner child. The young version of our self who still sometimes needs their Mummy/Daddy, or who needs a cuddle. That part of us that needs to be told that everything will be okay. No matter how tough we try to act, we are all innocent at heart and trying to make our way through this crazy thing called life. We all just want to love and be loved.

Often times, acts of hate stem from fear or the need to be loved. The desire to make someone proud of us. To be told we did a good job. To be rewarded and recognised for who we are and our efforts. It’s natural. No matter how old or young you are. To be truly appreciated for being you is an amazing feeling. To be wanted, not rejected.

From an impulse buy, this audiobook has taught me a lot about my inner child. I’ve learned new meditation techniques and have begun to recognise new things about myself. I’ve also come to appreciate more about who I am and how far I’ve come. Eternally grateful for what, and who, I have in my life. And even more grateful that I found my voice again.

If you’re interested, the audiobook I listened to was: “Forgiveness/Loving the Inner Child” by Louise L. Hay

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