It won’t always be like this

Ladies, do you remember before you were a Mumma? Before you had a little human needing your attention 24 hours each and every day? Remember what it was like to just be you and your man?

Sometimes I find that I forget, I get so into the grind of life with our little human that I forget that I am not just a Mumma, I am so much more! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my role as Mumma to Tatum and wouldn’t change that for anything, but being a Mumma isn’t the be all and end all of who I am. I am me, a person in my own right. I am a Wife. I am a Mumma. I am a friend. I am so much more than any title or label can define. Sometimes I need to remind myself of the following…


One day we will miss all of this, the life filled with raising-little-human levels of chaos, it won’t always be like this!

We won’t always be rushing around from one thing to the next, often late (ok, maybe we will still be late sometimes!)

We won’t always be so tired that we feel like we can never catch up on the amount of sleep we’re lacking. We won’t always have to decide between going to bed early and getting more sleep or staying up that little bit later to get some time together with Hubby, just the two of you (or to yourself, without being needed by a little human)

We won’t always be too busy to have regular date nights (although I whole-heartedly believe date nights are important to maintain!)

We won’t always have a house filled with chaos and little human belongings taking up space.

We won’t always be juggling the demands of being a Mumma, working, going to the gym, going to the after school activities etc etc







It won’t always be like this!






One day we will turn around and our children will be all grown up and out in the world making their own life for themselves and they won’t need us as much.

One day we will find ourselves in an empty house where it used to be so full to the brim with chaos and little human belongings.

One day we will have a slower pace of life…


Maybe then we will have more time for us and we won’t feel so rushed with life…. But I don’t want to wait until then!


Let’s ensure amongst all this chaos, all this rushing, all this tiredness… that we remember us. Let’s have date nights (even if it is as simple as a picnic desert on cushions in the lounge by candlelight after the kids are in bed). Let’s make time for meaningful connections and conversations, let’s not wait!


Let’s take the time to remember and cherish all of the beauty, all of the joy and all of the wonder that is amongst the chaos… because it will not always be like this. One day we will miss this!


So… Let’s laugh and dance and sneak in kisses and hugs with our Hubby. Let’s make time for us! Because before our kids came along it was us, just us. And after they leave home, it will be just us.

Remember to invest time in you, your relationship, your friendships and not just in your role as a Mumma because it will not always be like this!


Until next time,

Erin xx

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