It’s time to put an end to Child Abuse!

I’ve read some horrific stories in the past about child abuse and murders. Now, I don’t know about you but, these stories are extremely difficult for me to read. They make me physically sick to my stomach. Often, I get quite upset and I sit in contemplation about how a person could harm such an innocent child.

This week, my Grandfather shared this link with me: Man charged with murder of baby boy

He shared this story because, when we recently caught up, we got on this topic of child abuse. We often end up in deep discussion when we catch up, but this topic was one that both he and I felt strongly about. Had I not been on a schedule, I’m sure we would’ve discussed this topic in great length.

We talked about what could we do. You see, I’ve thought about writing about this topic before yet every time I go to write about it, I don’t know what to say. Often, I get quite upset in the process of writing the blog post and end up posting something else. But, I can’t leave this any longer. I’m no expert when it comes to children and I’m certainly no expert on the topic of how we can put an end to child abuse.

What I can do, though, is write. So, I’m writing this afternoon to tell you it is NOT OK.

It is NOT OK to harm a child regardless of what they were doing to “deserve it”. It is NOT OK to take advantage of a child’s innocence and take out your own pain or aggression on them. It is NOT OK to make them feel frightened in a place that should be their home, their place of security. It is NOT OK to tell them it was their fault for your lashing out. And it is most definitely NEVER OK to kill ANYONE, regardless of age, but especially not an innocent child.

It is not the child’s fault that they were brought into the world. It is not their choice who their family is and how they are raised. By bringing a child into the world, you are bringing in a new life. A life that is looking to you for care and guidance. This child needs you as a parent to help it survive. To show it how to live, how to treat others, how to fend for itself and how to care for itself. This child did not ask to be brought into the world to be your punching bag. It didn’t ask to be brought into the world to be your annoyance each day. The child isn’t purposefully setting out to cause you grief and anger.

All a child wants is love and affection. To be shown what’s right and what’s wrong. To be cared for and nurtured into being the best they can be. For most children, all they ever want to achieve in life is to make their parents proud of them. Regardless of age, they look up to you as their parent to show them that they are loved. That they are special. That you are proud of them. Even if they weren’t intentionally created, you still decided to raise them. To have them in your life. By doing so, you made that decision to be responsible for this other life.

For those children who aren’t killed by violence in the home, they are still brought up in an unhealthy environment. Often times, they continue the cycle and proceed to abuse their children and loved ones. Some believe that’s all they’re ever good for. That they don’t deserve better and end up in abusive relationships. After all, that’s how you show love, right? To them, that’s all they knew. That’s all they’ll ever know.

I wish I had the answers for how to stop this cycle. I wish I knew how we could put an end to this. It tears me up that I don’t have the answer. I know I cannot save the world. I cannot save every child but, if I can, I will absolutely do my best to try. I hope you feel the same. I would love to hear your suggestions on how we can help put an end to child abuse. Particularly in the home in which they are being raised. All children should feel safe and loved while at home and with their family. That is the one place they should feel safe and ok.

Please help spread the word that child abuse is not ok by sharing this post. Let’s take a stand and put an end to this!

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