Lawn Mowing Ramblings on Mental Health

You know what I’ve come to realise since becoming a home owner?

That owning your own home is like life. Everyone’s happy to congratulate you on getting a home. They’re curious about progress and what not, but when you genuinely ask for their help, they’re not always so willing to get stuck in and help. Not only that, but it’s often times the people in your life don’t have the answers for your home maintenance problems. You’ve got to figure that shit out yourself or seek genuine professional help.

Take, for example, moving house. We’ve all been there, right? And when the time comes, you’ve packed all your boxes, and you’re ready to go but it would be helpful to have some extra hands to help. So, you reach out to those people who say they’re happy to help. Suddenly they’re too busy or have something on. It’s potentially genuine, but in my experience, no one ever helps you move.

Same can be said for life. People tell you they’re happy to help or they’re always around to talk to if you need. So, it’s your time of need and you invite them around to talk, or you pick up the phone and call them. Yet, they don’t pick up or are too busy. Or, they do pick up but are too distracted to give you the time you need.

OK, not everyone is like that. There are absolutely some people who are genuine and will be there. They’re the ones helping you with the heavy load. Or, if they can’t lift, they’re helping you clean up. Those same people are the ones who will put everything aside because they hear your request for help. They drop what they’re doing and listen. Those people are invaluable. Don’t take them for granted, but do give them the gratitude and love they deserve for being there with you.

Likewise, for example, you’ve an issue in your garden that you need to resolve. This horrible weed keeps growing and filters through your garden. It’s poisoning your beautiful flowers and making everything toxic. Do you go to your friends for help? Perhaps if they’ve had experience with gardening or know a thing or two but, most of the time, you need to seek professional help. It’s best to see your local plant shop and speak with a professional there about what to do. Get their advice so your garden can shine bright with big beautiful flowers.

Do you see where I’m going with this example?

Mental health – The same goes with mental health issues. You reach out to some friends. If they’ve experience with similar issues, great! They may be a kind ear to listen to your gardening (mental health) frustrations. They may have a tip or two from their own experience. But, often times, it’s best that you seek out professional help to truly understand your own garden best. It may be the same weed growing in their garden, but the plant bed it’s growing in could be different.

You may have the same disorder/issues as someone, but your backgrounds and experiences are uniquely yours. This is where a professional such as a psychiatrist can help you understand your garden bed best. They can help you unravel exactly what you need to do to treat the soil, eradicate the weed and help your flowers to grow.

These are my ‘mowing the lawn’ ramblings and thoughts post-Mental Health Awareness week. Yes, that was last week but Mental Health is something that needs a lot of attention. I had a random thought last night that it would be fantastic if annual psychiatrist visits were a requirement between the ages 10 – 18, at least, here in New Zealand. (I don’t feel right to comment on the rest of the world’s health systems). Of course, this thought being that these visits would be ‘free’ or subsidized to make them affordable. Imagine the progress we could make on helping young people enter the world fully prepared.

Imagine, rather than hitting 30 and only then beginning to address your mental health issues. Instead, being fully prepared before entering the workforce and creating real relationships and connections, that you truly understood who you are, why you are and how you can be even better.

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