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Meet The Wildes

We’ve all heard time and again how adults (especially ones in their thirties) need to stop travelling, settle down and get married.

Ben and I weren’t sure that we bought into those ideas- I mean, getting married was definitely for us… but settling down might never be. SoOo we’re going to try marriage with less of the ‘settling down’ part…

Blogging from a treehouseMeet the Wildes

My name is Jennifer Rose (or Jenn/ Jenny or Jenna depending on when & where I met you), and the fella you see in that picture is Ben.

We like each other- a lot. We knew straight away that this is a forever kind of thing, so we got married quickly. Then we got married once more on the opposite side of the earth, just for good measure.

After wrapping up wedding #2 we couldn’t really hide behind distraction anymore. Now it was time to figure out whatever comes next (which, for the record, I usually try to avoid at all costs).

I wasn’t really sure what being a wife meant, I based so much of my identity on being a solo traveller. I also thought that wives were supposed to be well mannered, grownup and sweet… so after we got married, I needed to redefine the title.

I might actually have thought that in order to be a good wife I had to quit being me-
-that I was expected to stop drifting around the planet
-that I needed to drop my male friends
-that drinking and dancing and staying up until all hours were completely off limits.

Married Couple Refuses to Growup

Most importantly I thought that I needed to:
get serious about work,
buy a house,
have a child,
and grow the eff up

…we tried some of those things and they didn’t work for us, so we’re trying something else. If you asked me the rules, I couldn’t tell you, but for now we’ve left behind our ‘real jobs’ and are creating a life with more time to do things we love.

Follow along if you ever feel like you’re unsure how to navigate the ‘rules of life’ – you’ll quickly learn that you’re not alone. x

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