Beginner’s guide to negativity

Posted by Britenay on January 5, 2018
There sure is a lot of negativity online. Often in the form of people voicing their opinions. Some people (trolls) just like to stir trouble. And some, it seems, just like to complain because they love the drama. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people posting about their frustrations at the amount of negativity online and it brought me to question what’s really the cause of it. Is there really that many people out there

Sunshine Blogger Award

Posted by Britenay on January 2, 2018
I’m excited and honored that my first post of 2018 is celebrating & sharing the excitement of being nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award! The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community. Firstly, I want to thank Adanye from for this nomination. Please check out her blog. There are some awesome posts on there. Sunshine Blogger Award Rules: Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in

2017 Year in Review

Posted by Britenay on December 29, 2017
For the final blog post of 2017, it’s only fitting that I write a tacky “year in review” post. And what a year it has been! On New Years Eve 2016, I was out celebrating the night with my boyfriend & his friend. During the evening, my BF brought up a tradition I’d not heard of before. He picks a word each year that’s his word for the year ahead. That word defines your goals,

My Worst Christmas Ever! (Sort Of)

Posted by Britenay on December 22, 2017
Christmas is one of my favourite times of year! Yes… I am one of those annoying Christmas enthusiasts who loves to spread Christmas cheer and goodwill to others. I love the decorations, the giving, the silly Christmas songs… EVERYTHING about Christmas! However, Christmas hasn’t always been a great time for me. I’ve had a few  Christmases that have been ‘pretty awful’, to say the least. I’ve been thinking about what to post and share with
So here it is. The final of my throwbacks on my past ten years in New Zealand pro wrestling. For this final post, I want to touch on something that is most important, not just in pro wrestling but in life. And that’s the importance of women supporting each other and lifting each other up. It’s all too easy to tear each other down. To make someone else look bad in order to put yourself
“Holy shi*t that’s a lot of people!” I remember thinking after stepping in the ring at Auckland Armageddon 2012. This was the year Bushwhacker Luke came to visit and we were located in the 3rd shed at ASB Showgrounds. I entered the ring with Danny Jacobs as we normally do. Parading around with pride in ourselves. However, the crowd didn’t take too kindly to us and were hurling abuse of all sorts. “Boo!” “You Suck!”
Following on from last weeks’ post, I’ve been thinking all week about what to share from the past 10 years in New Zealand pro wrestling. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to share with you some of my proudest moments and biggest achievements, as decided by me. Recently, when clearing out some of my boxes, I stumbled across an old book. Inside that book was a list. This list contained goals as set
  Where do I begin!? This December marks 10 years since my professional wrestling debut. When asked to write about the past 10 years, my first thought was, “wow… a lot has happened in 10 years”. Safe to say, this journey through my history in the NZ professional wrestling scene will be detailed across a few posts.   Let’s begin at day one. Before I even debuted. Before I ever started training, I was a


Posted by Britenay on November 17, 2017
Imagine a place that has varying landscapes, from deserts to rainforests. From seaside cliffs and valleys to active volcanoes. Yes. This place exists, and I quickly learnt why the locals call it “paradise”. We spent 8 magical days in Hawaii. In desperate need of a break from the fast-paced life we live, as soon as we landed in Honolulu, we jumped on to the next flight straight to Kona on the big island, Hawaii. We

Aloha from Hawaii

Posted by Britenay on November 10, 2017
Today, I’m in Hawaii. I actually wrote this post before I left because there’s no way I was taking my laptop with me… I’ve got to leave room for shopping, after all. 😉 When I look back, it’s crazy how many places I’ve travelled to. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunities I’ve had to go to the places I’ve gone. Growing up, I never thought I would get very far yet I