It’s not a competition!

Posted by Britenay on July 13, 2018
I don’t know exactly where or why this all started. I imagine perhaps it’s an animal response from our cave men days where it’s in our nature to compete in order to survive. Maybe we need to be the best in order to not prove that we are higher up than all others so that we’re higher in the pecking order? I don’t know. All I know is it’s exhausting. It’s truly exhausting competing with

F(#@*& the past few weeks!

Posted by Britenay on July 6, 2018
I know I’m not perfect but, I sure as heck do try to be most of the time. I hate failing. I hate doing wrong. And I sure as heck hate feeling like I’m not good enough. I wrote about not feeling good enough a wee while back (you can read that here). So, let me tell you, these past few weeks have been absolutely hell for me. I won’t go into too much detail

3 Easy Steps to Being Diplomatic

Posted by Britenay on June 29, 2018
Consider this: you’re talking with a colleague and they make a comment you’re not particularly in agreement with. In fact, you strongly disagree with them, but you don’t want to hurt your relationship with this colleague. You know that by disagreeing with them it might lead to conflict or worse, being unable to work with this person closely in the future. So, how do you proceed? I have had many years of experience in being

Winter Essentials

Posted by Taterbug on June 27, 2018
Well wasn’t that a rather chilly morning here in New Zealand! I thought it was fitting to do my “Winter Essentials” list now that the ice has truly made its impact on the car in the mornings. This is not a paid post, just genuinely what we use in our house and find essential during the colder and wetter months of the year. 1 – A fun smaller size (pram or cot size is good)

How we can help stop child abuse

Posted by Britenay on June 22, 2018
Last week, I wrote about child abuse and how we need to put an end to it. It’s one of those topics that’s incredibly hard to talk about, but we can’t not talk about it simply because it’s too difficult. Even this week, another story has been shared in the media about some abuse another New Zealand child has suffered. This article came out a few days ago: Auckland man jailed for burning young boy
I’ve read some horrific stories in the past about child abuse and murders. Now, I don’t know about you but, these stories are extremely difficult for me to read. They make me physically sick to my stomach. Often, I get quite upset and I sit in contemplation about how a person could harm such an innocent child. This week, my Grandfather shared this link with me: Man charged with murder of baby boy He shared

So, that was my weekend…

Posted by Britenay on June 8, 2018
This is one of those rare times where I struggle to write my weekly post. It doesn’t happen often and it bothers me when it does happen. This week, though, I’ve not accomplished a lot due to the fact that I got quite sick last weekend. If you’re like me, getting sick and not being able to do much is REALLY frustrating. It all started right before I was about to fly to Christchurch for

What are you really afraid of?

Posted by Britenay on June 1, 2018
Life is funny, isn’t it? We build connections with strangers normally because we have things in common. Somehow, these connections build into friendships. And, if you’re lucky, some of these become life long friendships. A fantastic situation, really. But sometimes, people don’t live up to our expectations. Sometimes, people let us down. We simply can’t be perfect all of the time. Yet, we can’t help but feel disappointed. Disappointed in them for making us feel

Who are we really?

Posted by Britenay on May 25, 2018
This has to be said! I’ve just re-watched a video on Facebook which I shared earlier this week in the Brit Army group. It’s a video that I really connected with and it got me thinking. The video, summarized, was about how we share a “highlight reel” of our lives online. And about how we don’t reach out to each other and connect anymore. We assume someone is ok because they are posting happy photos

Breaking the rules

Posted by Taterbug on May 23, 2018
Sometimes it’s important to break the rules. Rules… we all have them, we’ve all broken them, we’ve all been annoyed by them. As a parent, rules can be a lifesaver or a nightmare, but we have them. It’s our job to set the rules and enforce them. Anyone getting any flashbacks to the line “Because I said so!” No?? Just me?? Yesterday our little man came down with a cold, it hit hard and fast