This week, I challenged myself to try something different. I challenged myself to open-up and be vulnerable in the workplace. What I mean by this is that I made a choice to be 100% real and authentic with the people in my company. I’m not saying that I sat down and had a big cry with them all, sharing my feelings and what-not. That would be pretty inappropriate, to say the least. What I meant
Have you ever felt like your entire world was crashing down around you? Like you were completely alone. Negative thoughts flying through your mind, circling around like vultures picking apart a dying animal? I had a moment like this recently. It’s not something I’m proud of and it’s extremely difficult to share this with anyone, especially here. This is not to say I was unhappy with life. Quite the opposite. I’m really happy. I have
What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to tell someone? This past week on social media, people were encouraged to write “me too” if they had experienced sexual assault or harassment. This was an attempt to let the world know just how big of an issue sexual assault is. I was one of those who posted “me too” however, my experiences have been minor in comparison with what too many of my friends have

October 13, 2017

I did it!

I did it! 😀 I had my first boxing fight!! I know. I know. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is, “did you win?!” So, for those looking for a quick answer, I’ll tell you straight up. After 3 grueling 2-minute rounds of non-stop punching, guarding and moving. The judges made their call. I had lost. “Unanimous decision” they declared in favor of my opponent, Natasha Wheeler. An up and comer who has been training
Earlier this morning, I had started writing a blog post about mental health awareness. I had written a nice little piece about taking care of yourself first so that you can better help those around you. After writing a big chunk of it, I had to close up my laptop and head to another building for work. In doing so, I took everything with me, knowing I’d be gone for the day. With my hands
In just two weeks’ time, I will be stepping into the boxing ring for the first time. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I have thought of nothing else but this fight for the past month… maybe more. Equally, I’m excited and determined. I would love to take away a knockout victory on my first night. Realistically though, I’m aiming for a unanimous decision. In my dreams, my opponent gets dropped in the first

September 22, 2017


What makes you think you have the right to pass judgment over me?! Recently, while watching a New Zealand reality TV show, the issue of online harassment and bullying was brought up. The people involved in the program were portrayed in a way that painted them in a negative light. People took to the internet to shed their views on these people which included hateful and judgmental remarks. Unfortunately, it’s an ever-present topic here in
Why do we do things for other people? What’s the point in giving? What do we get out of it? According to studies in neuroscience, co-operative behavior activates the reward areas of the brain, suggesting that we are hard wired to enjoy helping one another. People who are actively involved in their community report higher well-being and their help encourages knock-on effects for others. You know that feeling you get when someone unwraps a present
My Grandfather was the greatest man who ever lived.  He was charming, witty and stubborn. He knew everything yet knew nothing. He pushed me, tested my patience and helped shape me into the woman I am today. Even though I saw him as a strong and nearly invincible man, in the end, Alzheimer’s disease took him and on Monday September 5th 2016, he left our world.  He had Alzheimer’s for many years. His deterioration was
Right up there as one of the most common questions I’m asked when people first get to know me is “why wrestling?!” It’s typically followed by some remark about not looking like your stereotype of a pro wrestler. That, I agree, I am not. That is, if your definition or perception of what a pro wrestler is, is that cliché steroid-filled, hugely-muscular, excessively-tanned egotistical beast*. Yeah… ha! That’s definitely not me. I do love a