You want to be a what?!

Last week, I wrote about finding my purpose. Just to let you know, my purpose in life is to “inspire others to be more empowered to live full and happy lives”. This purpose is the reasoning behind my decisions I make in life. You’ll also see it written under ‘about me’ on the sidebar on the right.

It’s my goal to achieve this in some way every day. However, every day is different and my goals are ever changing and growing. Near the end of last year, I was headed in what I thought was the right direction. I had my purpose. I had a job I loved doing and was working towards what I thought would be my next role in my career. I figured, I was destined to be a leader (manager) in the organization. That was, until I was asked to define a ‘leader’.

So, what is a leader? The dictionary definition is, “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”. It doesn’t mention anything about requiring a job title to be a leader. There is not necessarily a job title attached to it. In fact, some of the world’s greatest leaders have inspired nations without having job titles. Therefore, I concluded that a leader is anyone who inspires others to achieve a goal/outcome regardless of job title.

Taking the title now out of the picture, and knowing my purpose, I had a long hard think about what I truly enjoyed doing. The big question was: How was I going to achieve my purpose, and make a living out of it?

I loved writing and have always dreamed of writing a book one day. So, as you can guess, this blog has become a large part of my purpose & my goals. I put so much time and effort in to it each week because I want to inspire and help others. I write with the hope and the intent that I help at least one person each week. If I can inspire one person to live a happier, more fulfilled life through my writing, I would be happy.

Beyond my blog, I re-evaluated my role in NZ Wrestling. I thought about how I could benefit others the best in this area. Being the eldest and most experienced female here in New Zealand, I now lead a women’s training each week. In these trainings, I put a lot of pressure on myself to try get the girls up to a decent standard. I’ve let them know that I want them to lead the way for the future of NZ Wrestling. Each week, they make me prouder with their accomplishments. They’re so incredibly driven and eager to learn. I think I get more out of the trainings than they do sometimes.

But writing my blog and wrestling in NZ are not earning me a living. So, on that basis, I needed to think of a career that would help me deliver my purpose. I wrote last week that I thought about my strengths and brainstormed until I had a bit of a picture of my future career. It was with these strengths that I chatted with a mentor and we talked about what kind of role would allow me to utilise my strengths, deliver on my purpose, and be happy every day in my job?

This is where I discovered the currently growing field of Life Coaching.

Life Coaching involves talking with and listening to other people to help guide them in the right direction so that they, too, could find their purpose. That they could plan for their futures and develop strategies to keep themselves motivated and focused on achieving their goals.

In my previous experiences as a leader, I have helped coach other people to achieve their goals. There’s something truly inspiring and magical about watching their faces light up when they start talking about what truly makes them happy. Helping them to then see that they can also achieve their dream jobs or the life they’ve always wanted is an amazing feeling. I’m actually struggling to find the words to describe that buzz I get when I see a person light up with excitement. My heart sings for joy for them, knowing that they absolutely WILL achieve what they set out to achieve.

The truth is, it’s all there already. As a Life Coach, I will simply help them be honest and real with themselves, which is never an easy ask. Sometimes, we don’t know what we really want until someone asks us the right question. Much like when I spoke with my mentor. Had she not asked me that question, “what is a leader?” I might still be on the wrong path.

In preparing for being a Life Coach, I have begun studying a Diploma. Once I’ve achieved the Diploma, which I am doing via correspondence, on top of working full time, wrestling and writing… (I may be a bit crazy) I will then begin taking on clients part time. I have a long-term goal of being able to provide this service internationally via the internet for anyone interested worldwide. If you’d love to have Britenay/Sarah as your life coach one day then please, watch this space. I’ll be sure to update you here, first, when I’m ready to go!

What’s your purpose? – let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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