So, that was my weekend…

This is one of those rare times where I struggle to write my weekly post. It doesn’t happen often and it bothers me when it does happen. This week, though, I’ve not accomplished a lot due to the fact that I got quite sick last weekend. If you’re like me, getting sick and not being able to do much is REALLY frustrating.

It all started right before I was about to fly to Christchurch for the Armageddon Expo last Saturday. I woke with a fever and a hellish sore throat. I was perfectly fine the night before so this caught me by surprise. However, with a flight to catch, I headed on my way. Then the worst happened, my ears didn’t pop on the flight. This has never happened to me before. I’ve flown many times and every time, I’ve been perfectly fine. This started the worst ear ache I’ve ever experienced (that I can recall). I ended up spending my evening with the doctor at Christchurch hospital while she sorted out what was going on with me. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to be wrestling all weekend.

What sounds like the start of a big sob story, actually was the beginning of one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had. Perhaps that’s all the medicine talking but I truly had a really good time. Even the hours spent in the hospital waiting room were fun. There was a young family who didn’t speak much English who I attempted to help use the vending machine. Their child was later my entertainment as I waited for the doctor on the hospital bed, playing peek-a-boo behind hospital curtains.

The guilt of withdrawing from the card I was advertised to be on was rough though. And, I’m eternally grateful to the understanding of the company, the fans and to the wrestler who offered to take my place. He truly was my knight in shining armour that night. Letting people down isn’t something I am fond of but with him taking my place, I felt confident that he would do a great job and that the crowd would be entertained. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders that night.

 During the Armageddon Expo itself, whilst I didn’t wrestle, I had the privilege of controlling the music for the weekend from the ‘sound booth’. As much as it isn’t quite the same as being in the wrestling ring itself, this past weekend, it was a lot of fun. Being able to sit back and watch the shows was super entertaining. The great thing about Armageddon expos is that the talent tend to loosen up with their matches. I haven’t sat back and simply watched in a really long time and I’m glad I did. We’ve some awesome talent amongst us.

The days were long and could’ve dragged but they didn’t. As much as I was in pain and, had I been home, would’ve loved to have been in bed all day, I didn’t have this luxury. But, the days didn’t drag. Every day was fun and exciting. This, I believe was largely due to the crowd I was with.

In NZ wrestling, we talk of our community as being like a family. This past weekend, I truly felt like I was with my NZ wrestling family. I felt cared for and felt comfortable to be myself. I felt as though, no matter how awful I looked, they’d still love me as me. They made every minute of the weekend as fun as could be.

I honestly had the best weekend a sick girl could ask for last weekend. Although, since returning home, I slept for a good two days. I’m yet to get my hearing back properly but at least it’s all starting to clear up. Woohoo! 🙂

What I learned from this past weekend though, is that no matter how awful you feel, you really do have the ability to choose to be happy. Also, great company helps!


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