What if we talked to strangers?

You know when you meet someone who has absolutely no filter but you’re so glad you met them because they enlightened to a new way forward?

I met a person like that this week. She was amazing. No filter. Not afraid to start a conversation. Not afraid to tell me everything she thought I needed to know. In that 5 minutes we spent together, she helped me and prevented what could have been an awful start to my day.

You see, I was in the lifts heading to one of the offices I work out of and, being an early starter, was there before doors open. As she entered the lift, unlike most people, she said “hi!”. Can you believe it?! Most people will politely smile, at the most. Lifts are often the place no one speaks. We accidentally went up a level too. Both of us amused, we started to talk. I quickly learned there was a secret second employee carpark up a level that only some have the access to.

But this isn’t what made my morning. When we finally went down to where she got out, I went to keep going. She turned to me and asked if I was with her company, which I was. “You need to get out here” she informed me. I was confused. This made no sense but, it was my first time there so early and I had no reason to argue with her. As we walked, and as I said, she had no filter, which was amazing. She begun to explain to me exactly where I need to go, she showed me the way and walked me to the door.

Not only this but she told me where I’d need to go to get to my car because, as she said, she’d been locked out once before. She also explained to me some of the stories behind the sludge we were walking on, the progress of the building developments and some interesting facts about the area I’d be working in for the day. Needless to say, in that 5 minutes, I felt more prepared for the day as if I was a regular there.

I’ve not met her before. She didn’t have to help me. She didn’t need to talk to me or tell me any of what she did. But I sure am grateful I met her. I’m sure I told her this multiple times as we walked, and as she stopped me before I proceeded down multiple wrong paths. “Oh! Ha, REALLY glad I bumped into you!” I would tell her. And of course, like most things, it got me thinking.

Most people in lifts don’t talk. Most people stay quiet and ignore the other people. It’s that weird, awkward space where you’re all suddenly forced into each other’s personal space and you don’t know where to look or who to talk to. Although, even outside of lifts, it’s rare that any two strangers talking to each other. Imagine what would happen if we did. What we’d find out. Who we might meet. Everyone we know was once a stranger to us.

How about you? Have you ever met a random person and just said hi? Have you ever connected with a random stranger? I’d love to hear your experiences too!


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