I’m my own Superhero

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m your regular ‘plain Jane’.

All my life, I’ve been as average as they come. Average in clothing and shoe size, always 3rd in competitions at school and sports, and average at school, too. My grades were never amazing. Heck, even my name is as plain and as average as it can get: Sarah Smith.

When I decided it was time to become my own superhero and step in the pro wrestling ring, I couldn’t wait to put on a mask and be anything more than average. It was my time to be someone new. Now was the time for me to shine as the person I could only imagine I would be. Behold, Britenay.

The Superman to my Clark Kent. The Batman to my Bruce Wayne. The Wonder Woman to my Diana Prince. That is the Britenay to my Sarah Smith.

Britenay has taught me a lot in life. A lot about choosing how I show up, how I’m perceived and how I want to be. After putting on this mask in the ring for many years, it was only right that I learned a thing or two that would impact me in the ‘real world’.

My day job is something you could classify as reasonable ‘average’. I work in an office, am a leader to a team of 14 individuals and spend a large chunk of my days in and out of meetings. For most of my office career, I was afraid to speak up or to cause a stir. I’ve witnessed a lot of injustices and decisions being made that I didn’t agree with.

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly passionate about coaching and helping others. I’ve worked hard on being an amazing coach and developing myself as an individual outside the wrestling ring. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to challenge my own mindset and question my approaches to understand my role each step of the way and how I’m choosing to show up.

I’ve experienced many ‘villains’ in the business world, and in my personal life as well. As we all do. These villains have knocked me about and pushed me to my limits. These experiences have challenged me to think, though. And, through these experiences, I’ve learned to develop new ways and to stand up for what is right. I’ve learned the importance of putting on the mask that’s needed during the day to be the Superhero I need to be and inspire others to do the same. I speak up more, challenge decisions (in an appropriate way) and stand up for what’s right.

I don’t put my Britenay mask on in the office! That might get me fired…

But, I put on a different, theoretical mask that is the persona I need to be. When I’m challenged with a new situation, I ask myself “who do you want to be in this moment?” – “how do you want to show up for yourself right now?”

Lately, I feel like a whole new me has really come to light. Things have become increasingly clear and my purpose, my vision in life is the clearest it has ever been. I used to say that my vision was to inspire others to lead full and happy lives. I like that, and I believe that. But now, I see it even clearer:

My purpose it to help others to be their own superheroes.

You have it within you to show up and be who you need to be, too. You can put on that theoretical mask and be the best at whatever you want to be in life, however you want to show up. You have the power in you to be that person! To be your own superhero.

I get asked many times after periods of great loss and heartbreak how I manage to show up, smile so brightly and cope so well. It’s actually because… I’m Batwoman!

All jokes aside, it’s truly how I choose to show up. I am my own superhero. And you can be yours, too!

And, if you need a little sidekick to support you on your journey to greatness, I will be by your side. Supporting you, cheering you and kicking ass where needed. (potentially your own). This is my mission in life, my purpose, what drives me. I want to see you shine! I want to help you grow and succeed!

This is why I’ve decided to be a Superhero Coach. To really put my purpose to work and help you become your own superhero. Let’s stand up for what’s right. Be the confident, strong and defiant individuals we dream of being. Let’s achieve those things we have been dreaming of achieving.

If you’re interested in Superhero coaching, or curious to know more, flick me a message using the contact option on this webpage or flick an email to: contact@brit.co.nz


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