Homemade Wedding Decorations

That Time We Planned a Wedding in a Month

Surprise Wedding
Photo from the Wilde Family Album

I couldn’t have been more excited to be getting married to Ben… he and I knew that being together was the only future for either of us… but my mum’s health and the upcoming surgery was never far from our minds.

My stepdad was the only dad I’d known, his death hit hard- and now it felt like mum was about to leave us too. We knew that we wanted to get married in NZ when the time was right, and that we would eventually be married but I was terrified I would have no parents left to witness it…

This messed with my mind for a while- until a friend offered up a solution… she amazingly offered to let us use her home for a small outdoor wedding, and essentially did any planning that needed to be done (who knew you were supposed to think of things like flowers and photographers?).


The problem was that it was July (nearing the end of a Vancouver summer) and mum’s surgery was getting very close. So we got to work planning a wedding in just under 4  weeks.

Home made wedding sign
             Photo from the Wilde Family Album

Even in such a short time we worked together like superstars, and we NAILED it.

The wedding was simple and beautiful with just my closest friends/ family in Canada. I did manage to get myself a wedding dress on such a short notice (gifted from another friend), we exchanged a simple set of vows and saved a lot of the festivities for our bigger “white wedding” in New Zealand the following year.

Neither of us are fans of rule following, so it was only natural that we would tell our guests that they were coming to an engagement party, and surprise them with a wedding, right?!

… Life is fun. 

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