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Britenay… Yes, that’s correct, pronounced “Bri-ten-ay”. That’s me. At least, that’s how the majority of the internet and professional wrestling world know me. The leader of the Britarmy, four time IPW NZ Women’s Champion, PWE Women’s Champion and all-round badass.

However, I’d also like to introduce you to Sarah. Also me. At 30years of age, I’ve gone from being a timid, shy child to being a dominant smart-arse who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. I’ve loved, been heartbroken, lost my inner voice, travelled, “found myself” and have found deeper love than I could ever have imagined with an amazing man. I’ve been the victim of bullying, been a bully to others, I’ve owned my own home in the difficult Auckland market and lost this home within a short space of time.
I have lead teams, inspired others young and old to achieve their goals and set myself standards to be a strong role model to others on a daily basis. It’s through my experiences above that I look to impart lessons learnt and entertain you with my experiences (embarrassing and some devastating), through starting this blog.
I am a blogging “rookie” however, it’s a lesser known fact that I love to write. In fact, it’s a lifetime goal of mine to write a book. In starting this blog, I am looking to create a space for fellow individuals to meet and share their own experiences. To help and support each other to be more empowered and inspired to reach their own goals, experience life to its fullest and be more connected.
Each week, I will post a new blog from an experience either past or new. I encourage you to join in conversation at the bottom of this blog and to send me feedback as I go. The only way I can continue to grow and learn as an individual is through your feedback. You can email me here:
Thank you #Britarmy.



14 thoughts on “This is me”

  1. I have watched a couple of your matches and have had you gladly accept to have pictures taken with my son. Your an inspiration to all and proof (in his 8 year old words) girls are good at wrestling. Looking guard to the next opportunity we get that i can bring his twin sister who is all those things you described to see that she can do anything if she wants to.

  2. Hi Sarah will follow you with interest, Liam and Ashley will tell you that I advised them that "if they want to walk on water they must get out of the boat"
    look forward to your future blogs. frank and ethel x

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