Trouble With Going To Work

Turns Out There’s No Such Thing as Perfect

Everything is a trade off…. even when it’s an obvious choice. I quit that shit job, so life is good. Every day is just a little lighter and I am excited to wake up.


But still there is a trade off… in exchange for freedom from a job that was killing me, I took on work that pays me in peanuts, so, I had to take on job #2.
Instead of a 9-5, I have a schedule that sits all over the show. I know that I made the right decision, but my hours are a little more difficult to maneuver.

Between us, he fella and I now work, and despite sleeping in the same bed every night, I’m starting to miss him.

As a person, I’m much happier,
As a wife, I’m more patient and fun to be around…
but as for quality time? I’m completely absent.

Ha, I guess there’s no such thing as perfect after all.

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