We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Before you become a parent you have all the time in the world. You don’t see it, however, until you become a parent. All of a sudden your “free time” seems to diminish without you even realising it until one day you wake up and realise just how much you need a break. A break from your everyday reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being a Mumma, and I absolutely unequivocally love our son and our family. But, sometimes the everyday grind of life just gets monotonous and runs you down and you need some time away from your every day reality.

I saw a meme this week that said “a parent never has a holiday, they just parent in a different city” and to some extent this is true. But… I truly believe that getting away from your everyday life on occasion is good for the soul! Whether that be getting out of your home town or just escaping your everyday life and having a “staycation”, whatever you can do in your situation to hit refresh has to be good for the soul!


This summer we were lucky enough to escape to Whangamata for a couple of trips between Nick’s work schedule and get out of our normal life and normal routine which has been amazing! We spent some time with our extended family and more importantly our immediate family. We even managed to get a date in thanks to my amazing parents for babysitting Tatum.



We went for walks. We went for swims. We had coffee and fluffy dates with our little man. We took Tatum boogie boarding which he seemed to LOVE the first time, the next day when we took him out he was terrified! He still wants to go again though, can’t stop talking about it! The mind of a toddler huh! We went out on the SUP as a family, even getting the dog out on the water! We went for bike rides. We went for walks to the corner dairy for ice cream. We played card games.

Best of all, we just spent time out as a family. Bliss!


It is important as a Mumma to look after yourself. We are so busy running around making sure everyone else is ok and everyone else is sorted, so busy ensuring everything that needs to be done is done, never taking time out.


So, today my challenge to you, friend, is to pause and take a moment for yourself in amongst this crazy thing we call life. Treat yourself to a hot coffee (because coffee is life! Just kidding… kind of) rather than your luke warm cup of whatever you made and then got too busy to sit and enjoy. Take time out to be intentional with a moment for yourself. Plan a break from your everyday reality, even if it is just a day out at the park with the family and a picnic lunch. Whatever your break from reality looks like for you and your family, plan it and do it!

Until next time friend,
Erin xx

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