What are you going to do about it?

Getting to truly know yourself is so incredibly valuable and empowering.

There’s knowing yourself, what you like and dislike, where you want to go in life and the goals you want to achieve. But, then there’s really getting to know yourself. As in, on a deeper level, what drives you, what makes you tick, why do you react how you do, what’s really your motivation for doing what you doing and being who you are.

Some tricky questions to answer, and for a lot of people, these questions may be too difficult to confront. Or, maybe we think we know the answers, but only because we don’t want to look into ourselves too deep. Once you start tapping into your inner being, it can become a bit overwhelming.

Heck, I’ve written here a few times about seeing a psychiatrist myself. I’m open to discussing it, it’s not something I’m ashamed of. In fact, I think more people should see psychiatrists, or look into psychiatry, and get to know themselves better. It’s absolutely terrifying, but more so is incredibly freeing and empowering. Because, to truly know yourself, you can become the master of you.

Only you can control what you do, how you act, what you say, how you feel. Well, feelings are a bit tricky to control but, you can start making positive changes when you start to understand yourself more.

One way you can start getting to know yourself is with personality tests, such as this one (16 personalities). I did this test recently and was hit hard with the facts. My results: I’m an advocate. Funnily enough, Advocates seek careers such as Life Coaching… which I’m currently studying to be. This test was spot on accurate for me and most of my colleagues at work who’ve also done it. The great thing about it is it tells you what you’re like in work situations, relationships, as a parent and with friends. It was certainly really insightful for me to understand how and why I pick the people I choose to be around most in my life. I totally encourage you to give it a go! Let me know your results!

Tests like this are a great start but if you’re keen to dive deeper, I do recommend seeing a professional such as a psychiatrist to discuss what issues you may be struggling with. I’ve actually been watching a series on Netflix this week that got me buzzed to write this post. I don’t know if anyone else here has watched it, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? It’s an amusing TV show about a woman around my age chasing after a man from her youth. As the episodes have gone along, it’s really a show about a woman struggling with and not facing some of her internal battles and deeper issues from her childhood.

The show confronts a lot of issues quite openly and it’s amusing but also insightful. If you’ve watched it and thought something seemed familiar, that might be something you want to investigate further. You see, if you don’t get to know yourself on a deeper level then your issues could control you. If you want to take back control and be the master of you, you absolutely can! But, you have to be willing and it’s not easy. Nothing in life worth doing is easy.

I realise this is probably starting to sound like an advert for psych help ha! But, it’s not. I’m just amused by this show recently and the stories linked to childhood trauma they’re blatantly addressing. It’s more common than you think and there’s loads of help available. I just want to be sure you know the help is out there. You’re not alone. 

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