When It’s Time to Let Go

                     Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Not sure what I’ve done right lately, but it feels like my boogie men are starting to disappear.

I used to be so afraid of so many people… Somehow they look less scary, from this new perspective. I saw something online the other day that read:

“People aren’t ignoring you
they’re busy living their lives
and the best way for you to get over it
is to live yours”

I used to hold to everyone I met with embarrassing tenacity.
It was as though I was afraid that if I didn’t hold tight,
I would lose them (and whatever we had) forever.

I’m learning that letting go is acceptable.
If there isn’t time for texts or phone calls
then we should probably just acknowledge it
and move on. 

The distance doesn’t change the fact that we
shared something once. And that was enough.

“We shared a youth together”
doesn’t necessarily mean
that we’ll share the rest of
our lives.

(and that’s ok)

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