Winter Essentials

Well wasn’t that a rather chilly morning here in New Zealand! I thought it was fitting to do my “Winter Essentials” list now that the ice has truly made its impact on the car in the mornings. This is not a paid post, just genuinely what we use in our house and find essential during the colder and wetter months of the year.

1 – A fun smaller size (pram or cot size is good) blanket that your kids can use in the car to keep warm instead of cranking up the heater or layering up with big bulky jackets. If you are anything like my husband, you can’t stand the heater being up too high and naturally run pretty warm. But, if you are anything like me, you prefer the heater cranked up in the car. We have found a happy medium but Tatum still likes to be cosy.

The last thing you want to have in the car is a big puffer jacket etc on your kid while they are strapped in as this will affect the effectiveness of the seatbelt, even if your kid is still in 5 point harness car seat. By layering kids in bulky clothing, you’re sure to keep them warm but it creates extra space between them and the seatbelt and there have been cases where the seatbelt does not hold the child secure enough as a result.

Instead of layering him up in the car (we still layer him up for outside for sure!) we have a blanket in the car that he can put over him if he would like to keep a bit warmer.


2 – Slippers! We all know that we lose heat through our extremities, kids included. And I don’t know about your kids, but Tatum is crazy and can’t seem to walk anywhere. This results in lots of slipping/tripping over and of we added socks to this I can just imagine the cringe worthy accidents that would happen. Hence the slippers! He can keep warm without the added risks of slipping over (because Lord help me, he is accident prone enough already without adding to the risk factor!)


3 – Merino! Lots and lots of merino! You can get some pretty funky merino clothing nowadays, and merino that is soft and easy to wear (rather than the horrible scratchy and itchy memories from when you were younger). One of my favourite places to get merino is Little Flock of Horrors, such amazing quality and cute designs! We have a range of merino options that we mix and match with other staple wardrobe options to suit what the weather is doing at the time.


4 – Ultrasonic Vaporiser, ah-mazing! We have a Bloom one from Sleepytot and use blends of pure essential oils to help him breathe easier in his sleep. When he is perfectly well we still like to use it with some yummy smelling lavender to help him sleep too. The ultrasonic vaporiser uses cool mist with no heat source so perfect for in a small childs room.

Also, while you’re there… check out the NoseFrida, so handy to help clear little ones noses when they are all blocked up!


5 – Beanies. My amazing mum has knitted Tatum a beautiful beanie for this winter. Nothing like a bit of home-made magical knitting, love it!

6 – Kids umbrella/rain coat/gumboots. Our natural response to rain is to hide away couped up inside right??? But why not have fun outside in the rain for a little bit? Go splash in some puddles, try and catch the rain on your tongue, be a kid and rejoice in the wonder of the rain!


7 – A warmer of sorts. This could be a hot water bottle with a cover, or a wheat bag etc, just something that you can warm up and snuggle up with to keep warm. For us we came across a bunny that has a wheat bag inside and Tatum thinks it is just the best thing ever! Bonus that it wasn’t too expensive, $12 from Kmart (I swear it is cuter in person than it looks in the online photo!)


8 – Bedtime… sleeping bags! Woolbabe sleeping bags have been a lifesaver for us the last few winters. We could go to sleep knowing that Tatum was nice and warm and wouldn’t be kicking his blankets off and freezing half way through the night. Coincidentally there is a combodeal on Woolbabe at the moment with The Sleep Store. This year is a bit of a different tricky one that we will have to navigate as we go. He is in a single bed now so can get up and out so we aren’t able to use a Woolbabe again this year and risk him forgetting to undo it before getting out of bed. If you are in this same predicament of moving to a duvet and out of the sleeping bags, I recommend getting the next size up in duvet to the bed size you have and it will stay on them much easier!


9 – Vitamins. Because we both work and Tatum is in preschool during the day he is inevitably exposed to all sorts especially during the winter months. By using a multivitamin supplement for Tatum we have seen a huge reduction in the amount of time that Tatum has been sick compared to previous years. When he does get a little bit of a sniffle we give him some De-Stuff from the KiwiHerb kids range that has some good immunity boosting ingredients like echinacea and he very quickly goes right back to normal. (I feel it’s the responsible thing to do to add here, please follow all dosage guidelines!)

10 – Our pram. It is no fun being all couped up inside and fresh air is just good for the soul! Getting out there and having a walk with Tatum in the pram enjoying the views is always a good time. He’s always loved just watching the world around him so has always enjoyed the pram and going for walks outside. Even though he is 3 now he still enjoys long walks around our local walking track. We also bring along his balance bike and once he is tired (or the dog is tired) they are able to ride home in comfort rather than begging to be carried every 2 seconds. Bonus that it’s great gentle exercise for me too with my knee issues. You can even get some pretty awesome pram sleeping bags with slots for the harness if you’re in a particularly cold area!

…And coffee! Coffee for Mumma with a snuggly blanket all curled up on the couch with a good book or tv show! … and wine 🙂

What are your top winter must haves for your family?


Take care and keep warm friends!

Until next time, Erin xx

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