Ultimate Throwback: 10 years of NZ Pro Wrestling – Support Women’s Wrestling

So here it is. The final of my throwbacks on my past ten years in New Zealand pro wrestling.

For this final post, I want to touch on something that is most important, not just in pro wrestling but in life. And that’s the importance of women supporting each other and lifting each other up.

It’s all too easy to tear each other down. To make someone else look bad in order to put yourself over or get to the top. But what does that really achieve? The other person is hurt. They no longer trust you. It also comes back to bite you… Hello karma.

One of the things I’ve found in all my years of wrestling is that fellow female wrestlers don’t tend to tear each other down. For the most part, my interactions with other female wrestlers have been positive, encouraging, supportive and inspiring.

When I first went to PWWA Sydney in 2011, it was my first time leaving New Zealand. It was also my first time wrestling for another company and against a person I’d never met. This was an incredibly new, exciting and scary experience. I had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived on the Friday, we had a show that night so it was straight to the venue for us. We met a lot of people and helped set up for the show. I was impressed by the support of the crew on the PWA card and how passionate they were about pro wrestling. It was a friendly place to be. The girls on the card were from Australia, New Zealand & Canada. This was also the first time I’d met girls who had travelled for wrestling to Japan and USA. I remember sitting in awe of the stories they told from their travels.

I stayed with Shazza McKenzie, who was to be my opponent the next night. Her family were incredible hosts and it’s the kindness of hosting a stranger in their home that are some of the reasons female pro wrestlers (and their families) are amazing individuals. If you’re reading this, Shaz. Thank you again for the generosity and for the match. 😊

Saturday morning, we had training with the PWA crew and it was great to get some ring time and learn some drills from some of Australia’s best. The PWWA card that night was filled with talent that is now making incredible waves across the world in pro wrestling. A talented bunch of ladies now rocking the indy scene. Some of which are now in WWE. I love still seeing how supportive of each other they are to this day.

I also love the amount of support they now provide the younger/newer talent that’s coming through the scenes. The world is filled with some amazing female talent now and the women’s revolution has certainly taken over. To have seen women’s wrestling go from bra and panties matches from the attitude era to having female only cards filled with hard-hitting matches start to finish is incredibly inspiring. I’m proud of what we, female wrestlers, have achieved to date.

On my second trip to Sydney for wrestling, I went a bit earlier and made it a birthday weekend catch-up with family and friends, as there was family living there at the time that I hadn’t seen in a while. Unfortunately, it meant I missed out on more mingling time with the PWWA talent but I am grateful for the valuable time I got to spend with my family while I was there.

That night, I had a match against Jessie McKay (now Billie Kay in WWE). Much like the first PWWA show I went to, the card was again filled with incredible talent from all over. This time, my family was also in the crowd watching which made it all the more special. Like always I went out and gave the match 100% and I still remember walking backstage post-match to Madison Eagles standing behind the curtain. “Great match!” She said.

Hearing that compliment from someone, who had been named by the Professional Wrestling Illustrated as #1 on the PWI top 50 female wrestlers 2011 list, was an awesome moment. I felt a lot better about my abilities as a wrestler. It took only a few words but with those few words, I felt loads more confident and proud of myself.

With that, I want to say a big thank you to Madison Eagles & the PWA crew for putting on the PWWA shows. Also, a thank you to Madison directly for taking the time to watch every match and provide the girls feedback. I’m sure the other girls appreciated your feedback just as much as I did.

Thank you to all the other girls that were on those cards. You’re all incredibly talented and deserving of great things. Keep up the hard work.

The importance of women supporting each other & lifting each other up is the same in wrestling as it is in life in general. If other females were to uplift each other rather than tear each other down, imagine what we could achieve worldwide. Next time you find yourself wanting to tear another woman down, have a think about what you’re really achieving by doing so.  I want to challenge you all to keep supporting and lifting each other up.

Remember the quote:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Let’s work together and go the distance! Let’s achieve great things!

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