You got this Mumma!

You got this Mumma, you got this Mumma… I repeat this over and over in my head as we’re sitting in the waiting room at Starship Children’s Hospital waiting to see the cardiologist to attach a Holter Monitor to our precious 2 year old…..    You got this Mumma!

You can keep it together, you can stay strong, you can fake confidence, you can smile, you can hide the worry in your eyes, you can do everything within your power so he doesn’t see how terrified you really are.

When you’re a parent, one thing you want more than anything is for them to be happy and healthy. But what happens when they need medical help, what happens when your world gets potentially turned upside down from incidentally finding something may be wrong with your precious precious child?

As Mumma’s we do everything we do with our kids in mind, they always come first and we do an amazing job! But do we really take the time to look after ourselves and ensure we are ok too? Do we really allow ourselves the opportunity to take a step back and take a breath when we need it? We are only human and there are times we need to remind ourselves… “you got this Mumma!”



To the Mumma who is sitting in her car for 5 minutes of peace after work before collecting your child from preschool… you got this!

To the Mumma who isn’t sure she can handle going back to work and leaving her child in the care of someone else… you got this!

To the Mumma who feels like the house is out of control… you got this!

To the Mumma who has run out of dinner ideas that your child might actually eat instead of sneak to the dog… you got this!

To the Mumma who just found out your child is sick… you got this!

To the Mumma who is hiding in the kitchen sitting on the floor eating chocolate she has stashed away at the back of the cupboard in that old vege box… you got this!

To the Mumma who feels like she will never be accepted by her in-laws… you got this!

To the Mumma who is up for the 100th time tonight because bubba just won’t settle… you got this!

To the Mumma who isn’t sure if she’s doing and ok job… you got this!

To the Mumma who just needs to hear this today… you got this!




We need to empower each other and lift each other up, not judge each other. Everyone parents a different way and you don’t know what is going on for someone just by looking at the snapshot into their lives that they let you see. So, if you see a Mumma struggling out there, remind her “you got this!”

Parenting isn’t an easy gig and to all the Daddy’s out there… you got this too!



You got this Mumma!
Until next time friends

Erin xx

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