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What have I learnt from having a three-year-old in the house?

Well… in the short couple of weeks that I have had a three-year-old I have learnt that I should never look at Pinterest while planning a birthday party, party planning is all for myself rather than for him (turns out I have a “if I’m finally going to do a birthday party then I’m going to do it good!” attitude when it came to planning this party), never tell your toddler too much information in the lead up otherwise every day you will get the question “is it my birthday party today?” as shock horror they don’t understand the concept of time too well, putting a party in place can take a lot of time and inevitably you will be still be trying to get ready right up until the start of the party, kids will have fun with the smallest of things and really don’t need much pomp and circumstance, husbands here is a tip – don’t question things at the last minute when your wifey is already running around trying to put it all together as you will just stress her out more if she isn’t already stressed, also…. just because the bouncy castle looks fun doesn’t mean you should get your grown butt inside and have a jump because you are much too accident prone for that kind of carry on!


All in all, Tatum had a blast at the first party we have done for him and I am glad we did it.

BUT… next year I am opting for an easy option! Maaaaaaybe we will revisit a proper party again for his 5th birthday, maybe!


Here are some of the photos of the day.

Birthday Cake… big props to Love from Seventeen who made me the cake topper and although the cake didn’t turn out how I originally planned it to look I am still pretty proud of this cake.

Also big thank you to my sister-in-law’s dad who was able to last minute cut me some wood rounds the day before the party, I don’t think the cake would have looked anywhere near as good without it!

Balloon garlands… big thank you to my parents who tirelessly helped blow up and string together hundreds of balloons even when the pumps broke and they had to blow them up without the pumps.

Once the party was over I was able to gift these balloons to someone local who was having an event that night and they were able to make use of them too, stoked that they got more than one use!

Food… big thank you again to my parents, while hubby ran around keeping Tatum entertained and getting last minute things from the shop (never underestimate the number of hundreds and thousands you go through with fairy bread and dipped marshmellows!) my parents were busy in the kitchen helping put together the food while I decorated the cake. Seriously could not have done this party without them.

Pro tip for planning your next party… have someone dedicated to keeping the kids occupied and another 1 or 2 people to help put all the last minute things together/race to the shops to get more of whatever you underestimated (sneaky hundreds and thousands…. Needed another 3 bottles of them beyond what I already anticipated, and I thought I was already getting more than I needed!)

Also, it is pretty darn cute hearing a three-year-old wake up in the morning and announce rather loudly to the world that “today we celebrate meeeeee!”


That’s it from me friends, would love to hear your experiences of putting a party together and any pro tips you have! 🙂 


Until next time

Erin xx

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